Convert Gasoline to CNG Generators

Converting Gasoline Generators in to Natural Gas CNG Generators is not a big deal. CNG Conversion Kits are specifically designed to improve better converting characteristic within cheap price. Installation of CNG in Power Generators can make generator as bi-fuel that can work between Gasoline and Natural Gas in random orders. There is a question for common gas generators user may ask to know “How to convert Gasoline Generators in to CNG Generators the answer remains simple by installing CNG Conversion Kit. The installation method of the kits would install in a way so that the generator dont loose the gasoline performance.

Following are the major steps which are evaluated and performed for better conversion of Gasoline generators in to CNG generators.

  • Before purchasing CNG Conversion Kit you must completely aware about the generator model specifications. There are two types of stroke cycles in gasoline engines, 2 stroke and 4 stroke cycles. CNG Kits are only can be installed in 4-Stroke equipped engine.
  • Remove the Air Cleaner from its assembly using suitable wrench.
  • A small thin metal based gasket insulated between Carburetor and Air cleaner assembly which is also to be removed.
  • Enlarge existing holes of gasket with hole puncher for natural gas modification.
  • Now, align and install CNG generator kit stud extenders in to side of valves.
  • Install modified metal gasket on the studs of CNG conversion kit.
  • Fix a rubber hose pipe in round metal adapter in such a way so it can give shape of “L”. Insert one end in to end of adapter.
  • Find a location to install conversion kit and tighten it with suitable screws.
  • Locate a rubber gas pipe in to main hole of kit also ensure the connection of kit through proper passage of kit with carburetor.
  • Time now to tighten up Air cleaner assembly with Air Filter to complete installation.

There are pre-installed Generators CNG Kits available which doesn’t require any sort of technicality as mentioned before. After installation of kit if there is any issue trembling the flactuation of voltage then check the gas pressure from pressure gauge. Mid-range generators some time require extra gas ratio for intake and provide stable performance. Make practice to start generator engine in gasoline then convert in to natural gas using brass gas tap to regulate the adequate flow of gas.

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