Diesel Generators Troubleshooting

The basic concept of diesel engine technology is simple than gasoline engine as diesel engine not have spark ignition system and additional parts like carburetor, spark plugs and more. Since this feasibility of additional operations the system of diesel generators made simple because the engine merely work on higher air compression along combination of diesel fuel injection in combustion chamber make Diesel Engine enough powerful and sufficient than any of other engines.

Unlike the other engines the maintenance and safety are also beneficial factor in order to keep  the engine in full flow. The diesel generators tends to produce few troubleshooting while starting, running and transforming the power load. The base of diesel engine revolves around the air and fuel combination during the power stroke which generates the real power which also keep it running till the next power stroke of four stroke engine cycle, the most frequent diesel engines are starting problem in cold conditions, water & oil mixture, fuel injection spray failure, improper compression or combustion or possible oil leakage in oil gallery and more. These frequent little problems needs instant attention because the little one can make it bigger so more repairing expense so to avoid  these follow some instructions in order to prevent generators from any power losses during unavailability of regular power.

For avoiding starting problems in cold fill engine oil in to inlet pipe or crankcase after warming up, in case of fuel system failure it is recommended to clean the fuel tank, fuel filter and fuel delivery pipe and if possible change diesel fuel to fresh one. Sometimes diesel fuel gets thick and it unable to flow easily so to avoid this fuel behaviour always used branded fuel as prescribed in manual. If there is a problem during combustion then it can cause serious issues with cylinder head gasket mounted in between engine head and engine block, the pressure of compression is also be measured by experienced technician through pressure gauge test most of times incorrect delivery angle also cause the reason of incomplete combustion. Starting up problems also can be possible because of lack of diesel engine oil the user must keep the oil pan leveled periodically.

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