How to Inspect Diesel Generators

The diesel generator which is one of the leading power producing source requires basic inspection guidelines before its operation. The inspection should be scheduled in a way to provide improved sustainability towards performance because few auxiliary parts require some attention to keep an eye on periodically basis, the faults and problems not even happen with any notification it comes without it so make it a general practice to observe and conduct few operational tests to avoid any sudden stoppage while running it.

The most common problem of diesel generator arises from Alternator Assembly, it is an electrical component that helps diesel engine to start from stationary position to dynamic. Always assure to avoid alternator from water and rain because contact of these liquid can harm the life of rotor and other metallic parts of assembly. To avoid another issue of starting make sure the connection of all power input and output parts are done properly because some times loose connections unable generators to generate power.

During routine checkups check the temperature intensity also although diesel engine capable of self-sufficient cooling system but to enhance the life of generating unit maintain a reasonable temperature by using fans and radiators. Also keep an close eye on power output some times diesel generators creeps down due to extra power loading on engine that make engine insufficient to carry up load beyond the specifications Always make sure to check the generated power ratings in weekly tests

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